My Compensation

These are the donations I ask for my time. These numbers are non-negotiable, subject to change, and for the Phoenix-Scottsdale metropolitan area only. Have the fee ready upon arrival. A common practice is to have it placed in clear view in an unsealed bank envelope. Please allow me a moment to excuse myself and check the envelope to make sure everything is as it should be. Bills should be faced and ordered from largest to smallest. At this time, I am available for outcalls only.

Rate Session Service Details
$100 USD 15min Outcalls Quick CarFun
$220 USD 30min Outcalls
$350 USD 1hr Outcalls introduction
$500 USD 90min Outcalls preferred minimum for our first date
$600 USD 2hrs Outcalls
$800 USD 4hrs Outcalls dinner and dessert?
$2,000 USD 12hrs Outcalls Overnight
$3,500 USD Outcalls Weekend (Friday-Sunday)