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First impressions are important. How you introduce yourself makes a huge impact on whether or not I will want to see you. I have the privilege of being selective about my clientele, and in a very short time I will sum you up to see if you are someone I am comfortable meeting. I value people who can follow simple instructions, it is always well rewarded. A text message or email (no phone calls, please!) that is polite and straightforward is also appreciated. All information shared for screening purposes will be kept strictly confidential and erased after 7 days. I have no interest in "ruining your life".

Although I will sometimes be available at short notice, pre-booking is usually preferred. Your first attempt to contact me may not be successful, if at the time I am not available. Be respectful and courteous in your contact. Certain ways we talk during our time together may be exciting and arousing, but they are definitely not acceptable when arranging a booking. The use of vulgar or explicit language or descriptions will result in your meeting request being ignored and your number will be blacklisted. Do not try to negotiate numbers or email me with an "offer". I make an effort to make my information available to you, please read everything thoroughly before contacting me, so you can keep your questions to subjects that are not already covered here on my website. Do not ask for services that I have clearly stated I do not provide. I do not accept phone calls. Please contact me via sceening form submission, text message (via Signal preferred) or email only. Do not contact me from a blocked number or a third-party "texting app" like TextNow, TextFree, TextMe, etc.

Text: (480) 439-7936